The start of it all. On the 17th Jan 2017, the governing body of NHS Croydon CCG decided to adopt a recommendation to cease prescribing specialised infant formulas. According to an early statement by the Clinical Chair of the CCCG, Dr Tony Brzezicki, this includes EHF and AA formulas (such as Nutramigen and Neocate) prescribed to babies with CMPA. The recommendation was made based on a survey responded to by 346 people (out of a population around 398,000) in the CCG’s service area and on the basis that suitable alternatives to specialised milks are available at equivalent cost. They are not. They are actually in the region of 5-8 times the cost. The change is not being implemented immediately, so there is still time for professional bodies to seek to work with the CCCG, but the decision has been made.

Croydon CCG Statement

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